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Vintage Personal Accounts

Newsletter Signup The Darwin Awards salutes the spirit portrayed in the following Personal Accounts, submitted by loyal (and sometimes reluctant) readers.

Stories Ranked by Vote

Juggle Donuts
Juggle Donuts,Not Grenades!

Not Grenades!
DarwinAwards Mug

Pissing Into the Wind 7.8 (6399 votes)

Rub Dub Dub Men in a Tub 6.9 (3867 votes)

Team Spirit 6.7 (2554 votes)

Bubble Bath? 6.0 (3204 votes)

Forklift Tomfoolery 5.8 (2794 votes)

I Can Fly! 5.5 (3405 votes)

Don't Argue with Partner in Crime 4.9 (1430 votes)

Man and Cactus 1.6 (3542 votes)

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