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Darwin Awards are a creation of the people of the Internet. Let's raise our glasses in a hearty toast to ourselves! More specifically, toast the noble souls whose names are inscribed beneath their contributions. Honors presented below. Media types should peruse our Media Kit.

Shea Marks
Miss May 1994

Link of the Month 4/2000

11 October 1999

USA Today

Daily Diversion 3/29/2000

BBC One to Watch

Mensa in Bern
January 2000 Web Award

28 February 2000


Web Wonders

Discover Magazine
"Yes, natural selection still works!"
May 2000 Science >> Surfing

OSO Cool Site


Yahoo Cool Pick

.net 100

3 January 2000

"I haven't laughed so hard in years. I had to come to work in the middle of the night, but stumbling upon Lawnchair Larry redeemed my evening. Fortunately there was nobody else around to hear me cackling and see the tears running down my cheeks. What a hoot!"
Kathy Wyant

"I love your site, you're great! I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Keep up the good work!"
Erica J Kline

"Even my wife, who has no great sense of the ridiculous, doubled over with laughter at some of the Darwin Awards, and that is not eay to do!"
E. Williams

"Thank you for such an amazing website. Makes me see life in a different light."
Ann Breach

"Yo! This is one of the best websites I ever found!"
Alexander Ilg

"I know a few Darwin Awards by heart and tell them at parties. They're always a great success. Please keep up your good work!"
Kai & George

"I love your website. It is pleasant to the eye, and very entertaining. I read my first Darwin Awards years ago. Thanks for providing them for us."
Marc V.

"Thanks so much for sharing the joy. I haven't stopped laughing. Wish the world was full of more people like you."
Jeanne lalala

FHM's 100 World's
Greatest Websites

  "This is one of the most interesting sites I have ever run across. I enjoy checking the site every time I get on the web. Friends gather 'round the computer almost every evening and read the stories aloud to each other, laughing all the time."
Brandon Smith


"Added your site to my favorites and gave it to my four boys so they can enjoy it also."

"Not only are you bookmarked, but I've added a link to the site on my own home page. Love it!"
Doug Stephens

"Hell yes! This is the wildest thing I've seen in a while."

"I have long been a fan of the Darwin Awards. There is no question in my mind that your site is the best and easiest to navigate. I appreciate the work that has gone into your site."
Charles Rex

"Thank you for such a wonderful site. Where else can one read the extraordinarily stupid actions of man, and discuss philosophy and the arts? I have had immeasurable fun scouring through your site."
Benjamin A. Shelton

I love your web page. There are few bright spots in my day since my youngest son is autistic, but your stories make me smile when nothing else can. Keep up the good work!"
Nancy Holt

This is sick. And I love it! Nothing bothers me more than experiencing the antics of some unthinking idiot who ought to be cleansed from the gene pool. Your site gives me hope that those people won't be with us forever.
Johnny Casady

A friend sent me the link to your website. I have spent hours here tonight, and the experience was great! I'm sending the link to many friends. Thank you for your hard work.
Russ Thompson

"I'm in Scotland, and I use your site frequently when I have a low opinion of myself. However stupid I feel, there is always someone much better at it than me. Hugely entertaining site. Please keep up the good work."
Andy Wood

"I'm so glad I found your web site. People sent me Darwin Awards in the past, and they always make my day. Somehow they make me feel, well, normal. My son is the family herpetologist, and we have 21 snakes in our basement. Does this make me a candidate for the Darwin Awards?"
Diana Bauer

Thanks for this totally awesome web site! For some strange reason I found it under the key words 'Worst of the Web' but I can't imagine why. This is one of the best sites I have run across in a long time. It's extremely well done. Love it!

"Thanks for the smiles, chuckles, guffaws..."
Jane Campbell


.net 100




LockerGnome 3/99
"Raise your hand if you've ever been an idiot. But whether you know it or not, someone has already outdumbed you. These stories will have you wondering if we're truly evolving. You don't wanna get this award."

28 February 2000
Saint Petersburg Times

Terry Pratchet says, "Mere animals cannot manage it, you have to be human to be really stupid." Thank you for the obvious time and effort you put into your website.
Claire Tait

You have a wonderfully wicked site, and I appreciate the work you have done!

This is a great service to the community. You should keep it going for as long as man's stupidity allows.

"I'm impressed with what you do, and I've put a link to the Darwin Awards on my own page. Keep up the good work!"

"I want to compliment you on your site. It is the most relaxing, well running, and easy to get around site I have found in months. Congratulations on a very good job."
Lar Sinclair

"I like this web site a lot. I always log on to it in school. Keep up the good work guys!"
Matt Joly

The Art Bell Show

KGrind Radio
Weekly Spotlight

Peter Weissbach
AM 570 KVI in Seattle
Interviewed 3/31/2000

Matty in the Morning
WXKS Boston
July 1999

Will Hemingway Show
WNJC 1360 Philadelphia
August 1999

Kerrigan & Christopher
WTUE 104.7 in Dayton, OH

Skydiving Magazine

Netguide "Best" Links

Featured on MTV
James Hyman's Net Minute
Bytesize -- UK & Ireland

Barry Young Show
KFYI 910 A.M Phoenix AZ

The London Times
March 1998

Tomorrow's World, BBC
April 1998

Smart Computing
April 1998

Der Spiegel
5 January 1998

Bizarre Magazine
February 1999

The Mass Media Newspaper
University of Mass. at Boston

Smartarse Award

Cruel Site of the Day
27 July 1999

Funniest home videos has nothing on this website, where words paint a thousand pictures.
Claire McFarland

Michael Ferbrache
FastBand GlobalCast
4 January 2000

Adam Hall
Danish Radio Broadcasting System
March 1999

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