The Darwin Awards 
Darwin Awards
At-Risk Survivors
Slush Pile
Bizarre Death
The Bricklayer
Taser Test
Roping a Deer
Unfortunate Husband II
Gerbil Rocket
Overkill I
Raccoon Rocket
Constipated Elephant
The Dog and the Jeep
Man Glued to Rhino Buttocks
Bad Day at the Office
Lobster Vasectomy
Cow Bomb
Misadventure at the Metallica Concert
Gun-Totin' Granny
Hydrogen Beer Disaster
Mad Trombonist
Scuba Divers and Forest Fires
Power Plant Fitness Freak
Frog Giggin' Accident in Arkansas
Breasts Injure Four
Hot Apple Pie
Garden Bomb
Hippo on Dwarf Diet
Unfortunate Husband
The Smoking Gun
Christmas Roast
Stalled Motorcycle
Falling Urine Deadly
The Laundry was Clean...
The Last Supper
Garden Bomb
Bitter Biter Bit a Nitwit
Drop of a Hat
Puffy Fox Cheeks
Romeo and Juliet?
Hedonist Air Pumpers
What's Shakin'?
Dental Calamity
Explosion of Thought
A Medieval Tale
Missionary Miscalculation
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Darwin Awards
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Newsletter Signup These apocryphal stories are included as examples of Herculean Darwinian efforts. Be glad, be very glad, these people don't exist.

Stories Ranked by Vote

Bizarre Death 9.1 (1469 votes)

The Bricklayer 8.9 (30513 votes)

Taser Test 8.8 (3259 votes)

Roping a Deer 8.7 (2034 votes)

Unfortunate Husband II 8.5 (17230 votes)

Gerbil Rocket 8.5 (24106 votes)

Overkill I 8.3 (18166 votes)

Raccoon Rocket 8.2 (7844 votes)

Constipated Elephant 8.2 (13020 votes)

The Dog and the Jeep 8.1 (13426 votes)

Man Glued to Rhino Buttocks 8.1 (17160 votes)

Bad Day at the Office 8.1 (14046 votes)

Lobster Vasectomy 8.0 (11120 votes)

Cow Bomb 8.0 (19467 votes)

Misadventure at the Metallica Concert 8.0 (8745 votes)

Gun-Totin' Granny 7.8 (10678 votes)

Hydrogen Beer Disaster 7.7 (11826 votes)

Mad Trombonist 7.7 (1692 votes)

Scuba Divers and Forest Fires 7.7 (4324 votes)

Power Plant Fitness Freak 7.6 (10580 votes)

Frog Giggin' Accident in Arkansas 7.5 (5661 votes)

Breasts Injure Four 7.5 (18907 votes)

Hot Apple Pie 7.0 (9340 votes)

Garden Bomb 7.0 (543 votes)

Hippo on Dwarf Diet 7.0 (6417 votes)

Unfortunate Husband 6.9 (6485 votes)

The Smoking Gun 6.9 (17380 votes)

Christmas Roast 6.8 (5366 votes)

Stalled Motorcycle 6.7 (5847 votes)

Falling Urine Deadly 6.6 (21410 votes)

The Laundry was Clean... 6.5 (9741 votes)

The Last Supper 6.4 (5748 votes)

Garden Bomb 6.3 (107 votes)

Bitter Biter Bit a Nitwit 6.2 (75 votes)

Drop of a Hat 6.1 (2129 votes)

Puffy Fox Cheeks 6.0 (4558 votes)

Romeo and Juliet? 5.9 (14737 votes)

Hedonist Air Pumpers 5.9 (3143 votes)

What's Shakin'? 5.7 (6112 votes)

Dental Calamity 5.6 (7087 votes)

Explosion of Thought 5.3 (4751 votes)

A Medieval Tale 5.2 (11557 votes)

Missionary Miscalculation 5.0 (7153 votes)

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