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Darwin Awards
2000 Personal Accounts
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Testing the Waters  
2000 Personal Account

(March 3, 2000, Namibia) This happened only a few hours ago. I am typing this account with my right hand, because my left is heavily bandaged and very painful. My colleague urged me to share my experience, because we both enjoy and recommended your site.

We work as engineers in Namibia, and my work consists of lots of off-road driving in the bush. That takes its toll on my pickup's cleanliness, so today I decided to steam clean the vehicle. I realized that I might damage the paint job by using very hot water propelled by a high pressure pump, so I decided to test the water's temperature and pressure before applying it to the surface of my car. I tested it like a hairdresser does - with the expected result that my hand was severely cut and burned.

We have been laughing since it happened. © 1994 - 2012

Submitted by: Kai Eysselein

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