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September 24, 2014
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Darwin Award: Resurrection FAIL

(17 September 2014, Pakistan) Two correspondents nominated the gullible acolyte who volunteered to be killed and resurrected by a holy man--and not a holy man who was experienced with the procedure, but a beginner who thought he'd give it a whirl! ("Religion did him in.)

DARWIN AWARD: Delhi Sandwich

(23 September 2014, India) Life of Pi, move over, Maqsood has a tale to tell. This 19-year-old factory worker joined a White tiger for lunch yesterday in the cat's Delhi zoo home. After being cautioned twice to not climb over the fence enclosing the tiger enclosure, Maqsood climbed over the fence a third time and then swam across the moat over to Tiger Island. ("India zoo gains a meal, loses a patron...")


(25 May 2014, Georgia) 18-year-old Chance Werner had recently graduated from high school and on the early hours of Sunday morning he was at Lake Allatoona celebrating with friends by playing the Shopping Cart Game. The Shopping Cart Game is evidently popular... (more)


(May 2014, England) In the interest of public safety, the Darwin Awards editors are releasing this ribald and unsavory event to the public to serve as a warning to adventurous amorous males. EYEWITNESS: "Being part of the emergency services, firemen were called to the A&E Department of a central London hospital to assist in removing a thing ring... (more)

DOUBLE DARWIN! Sports Training

(2 March 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands) Two apparently intoxicated men dared each other to test their courage against an intercity train at a Rotterdam train station. At 1800 hours on a Sunday night, the station was crowded with more than 300 fans returning from a soccer-match pitting Feyenoord against Ajax at De Kuip, the most beautiful soccer stadium in Holland... (more)

NO DARWIN AWARD: "No Bull, No Bullets!"

3 August 2014, Chicago | NOT a Darwin Award winner: the accidental shooting death of a man who failed to prove that his gun had no bullets, when he pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Moderators have ruled this recent Illinois shooting death "too common" and lacking the creativity of a true Darwin Award. Sorry, Mr. Zyzanski (rawstory.com)


17 July 2014, Poland | In a small town in Poland tragedy struck as seven people accidentally drowned in a cesspool, one after another. The first death was that of a tractor driver whose job was to empty the septic tank; he succumbed to highly toxic hydrogen sulfide fumes and lost consciousness, falling into the pool. Following him were six "rescuers"... (polskieradio.pl)

DOUBLE DARWIN AWARD: Selfie With Elephant

(30 April 2014) Found-on-the-Internet photo in honor of the deadly "selfie" photo. On May 1 two men in Kenya were capturing selfies with a wild elephant when they were trampled to death by the irate pachyderm who proceeded to bury the corpses with brush. The two men were actually touching the elephant's face while taking the photos. Charles Darwin cautions, "When taking sensational selfies, remember the Photoshop option." (www.nation.co.ke)


(30 April 2014) Honorable Mention. Alive without a brain? Six days before his scheduled release, a convict broke out of a Portland jail and enjoyed twelve hours of freedom before being apprehended at a nearby Jack in the Box. The math genius had served 97% of his sentence.

Out of the Box, back into the Box, a classic Jack in the Box.

Back In Black! Slack Attack Ends!

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Darwin Awards: Extinction of Species.
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