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Darwin Awards

Video Challenge
Win Vast Prizes, and Fame!

The Challenge

Enjoy the Darwin Awards? Let the world Woot! with you. Upload your awesome fan video, as a Video Response ("Attach A Video" comment, on the video --> over there.)

The Rules

Duration: Two minutes, max.

Source: The video should depict your favorite Darwin Award, from any year, in any of our books. Video must be in good taste. You may not choose an Urban Legend -- truth matters! If you describe a story not on the website, your entry may be disqualified. Excellent candidates suffer a self-inflicted brush with death that follows certain guidelines.

You may use this logo in the video:
(click for large version)
Also, we have a ton of art that can be incorporated into your video, such as "Wrong Time, Wrong Place" (Jay Ziebarth) was incorporated into our CHALLENGE! video. For art ideas scan our books for B&W art and Contact Rachel. We have color artwork for all those, and more!

No human reenactments, please! We are not encouraging you, yourself, to become a Darwin Award. Nobody should be in harm's way. Be creative! Show the "winner" describing his last act to Saint Peter, or admitting his error to the nurses in the Emergency Room.

To enter: Upload your video using the "Video Response" link (comments option) and, once your video is available, email your name and contact details to the_lovely_missing_link -<at>- darwinawards.com

REMEMBER to include your mailing address in the email so we can send your prize!



Read and comprehend the above paragraphs.

For Prizes, Scroll Down

Previous Winner

Prizes Awarded January 31, 2011.

Winner: lots of cash, a T-shirt, and a set of all 6 Books (autographed) plus your video featured on this website!

Runner-up: a little cash, a T-shirt, and some Darwin Awards books and schwag, plus your video featured on this website!

All entries: You get some "schwag" like Darwin Awards condoms, postcards, "get well soon" cards, etc., along with thanks from Wendy and the community. So go ahead, make a quick video, or work for hours hours on a gem. We are so thrilled to have your creativity!

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