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2007 Slush Pile

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2007 Reader Submission
Pending Acceptance

Darwin says, "Hmmm... the write-up is amusing, but I'm not sure this meets the criteria of excellence -- of truly phenomenal stupidity. I have tentatively accepted this into the archive. Thank you for the submission and careful write-up, Jonny!

(12 September 2007, Tampa, Florida) The setup: A woman wins two concert tickets from a local radio station. She can't believe her luck. The Dave Matthews Band, live! She invites her friend to join her. But they are in for more than a concert tonight.

Flash forward to the next morning. My buddy, head of operations at the amphitheater, looks like hell. He tells me that two women were killed the previous night at the concert. I am shocked. Nothing like this has ever happened on the property. I ask for details.

Back to the previous evening. It's 8:30pm and pouring rain and the show is delayed. The two women leave the venue to escape the rain. They bypass multiple FREE shuttle buses waiting to take them directly to the parking lot. Instead, they decide to take a shortcut across a 7-lane Interstate.

The 26- and 28-year-old women run 100 yards through wet grass before jumping a 6' fence that borders the road. Obstacle one: cleared. Obstacle two: 3 lanes of 70mph traffic, a 100' median, then another 4 lanes of traffic.

On the far side of the Interstate is a second 6' fence, the maze of an 'under construction' garage, and a long hike around a casino. All in all, the 'shortcut' to their vehicle covers a distance of about a half mile. And the women are in a torrential thunderstorm. Free shuttle bus, or mad dash across dangerous territory?

My buddy was an eyewitness when the first vehicle struck the women at 8:30 pm. Oddly, this was in the FIRST lane of traffic, on a straightaway where one can see headlights for miles in either direction. The impact hurled the women further into traffic, and they were each struck by a second car. They did not survive the collisions.

I looked up more details in The Ledger. Ironically, one of the women was described as a "bright and energetic and gifted athlete" who won two national championships in gymnastics. All the physical prowess in the world is no substitute for the maxim:

"Stop. Look. Listen. Or tomorrow you'll be missin'."



wednesday, september 12, 2007 at a dave matthews band concert at an amphitheater in tampa, fl.

girl wins tickets on radio to this concert, takes her buddy, and is in for more than a concert.

my buddy (head of operations on the property), lookin like hell on thursday morning stops by my office. i ask why he looks so bad, and among other things, he informs me that two girls were killed the previous night at the concert.

shocked (since this hasn't happened on the property that i've known of), i asked for details.

it's about 8:30pm, pouring rain, and two girls left the show due to the rain. they left the venue and decided to take a 'shortcut' to their vehicle which was parked immidiately across the 7 lane interstate.

the 26 and 28 year old girls ran approximately 100 yards through the grass before the jumped a 6 foot tall fence which bordered the interstate.

obstacle one, cleared.

obstacle two was a little more difficult. they needed to clear a 3 lane 70mph straight away interstate, rest in the 100 foot wide median, then clear ANOTHER 4 lanes of 70mph interstate.

after those two sections were cleared, they needed to climb another 6 foot fence and weave through an 'under construction' parking lot/garage area, around a large casino/hotel building (all of which equates to approximately a 1/2 mile MINIMUM). doing so in a torrential thunderstorm.

then and ONLY then would they arrive at their vehicle.

how tough could that be?

an eyewitness account (my buddy) informed me that the first of the two vehicles struck the girls in the FIRST lane of traffic.

8:30pm. straightaway. headlights, darkness, you can see about a mile in EITHER direction. struck dead in the FIRST lane!!

"stop. look. listen." RIGHT?!

i felt bad for feeling so little empathy, thinking i'm a monster, i asked for more details.'

once concert-goers leave the gates of the venue, multiple COMPLIMENTARY shuttle busses were WAITING to take them DIRECTLY to the parking lot where these girls were parked.

feeling a little better about substantiating my feelings (or lack thereof), i STILL couldn't help but to think i was still being an ass...i looked up more details. while readin this article, one paragraph in particular had stuck out in a cynically ironic way. describing one of the girls, it reads as follows: "She was bright and energetic and a gifted athlete. She won two National YMCA Junior Championships in gymnastics..."

REFERENCE: St. Petersburg Times

Two Friends Killed Trying to Cross I-4
St. Petersburg Times

TAMPA | Cammie Krusoe, 26, couldn't believe her luck when she won tickets to Wednesday night's Dave Matthews Band concert by calling a local radio station, recalled her friend Becky Lane, who was with Krusoe when she won the tickets.

Lane couldn't go to the concert - she had a class that night - so Krusoe took another of her many friends, Megan Thompson, 28, originally of York, Pa.

But Wednesday night, the concert was delayed as a torrential thunderstorm rolled over the Ford Amphitheatre. Drenched, the two women apparently tried to cross Interstate 4 to find shelter at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

They didn't make it. State troopers said they were struck by a 2006 Toyota as they tried to cross the highway from south to north near U.S. 301. The impact sent the two into the lanes of the highway, where they were struck again by oncoming cars.

Krusoe was thrown into the eastbound center lane, where a 1999 Ford driven by Angela Peacock, 34, of Mulberry, ran over her, troopers said. Thompson was thrown into the path of an eastbound 2004 Audi driven by Danielle Murphy, 24, of Riverview, which also ran over her, troopers said. No charges were filed in the incident.

At Krusoe's Carrollwood home Thursday, her friends gathered to mourn with her parents, sister and brother. In a bittersweet moment, a florist delivered flowers for her sister, Kallie, who turned 28 Thursday.

"Everyone she met was a friend," said her father, Robert Krusoe. He said his youngest daughter, who lived with her parents, had stored 275 contacts in her cell phone.

Krusoe was always making new friends while keeping her old ones, so the family couldn't keep up, he said. They did not know Thompson or her family, he said.

She was bright and energetic and a gifted athlete. She won two National YMCA Junior Championships in gymnastics and made the state final during her first year of diving for Gaither High School.

Krusoe, a University of South Florida graduate and mass communications major, had worked in the restaurant industry and for a liquor business. But she aspired to break into advertising and communications, said her friend Lane. She had a job interview scheduled for Thursday at a local advertising firm, Lane said.

"She lived a life so full of adventure and love and friendship," Lane said. "People were so drawn to her, her smile and her energy."

Submitted on 09/15/2007

Submitted by: jonny h
Reference: 9-12-07

Copyright © 2007

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Bruce said:
Maybe Toss: Too Common
Thanks for sending this in, Johnny. Unfortunately this sort of thing seems to happen on a fairly regular basis. We've had one or two similar incidents up here in Massachusetts this summer. The only thing that really makes this any different is that it was two "bright" people who suffered a serious lapse of judgment.

James said:
Definitely Keep: Personal Account
I am almost inclined to agree with Bruce, but since this is a PA I will elect to keep it. What decided my vote was the fact that there were free buses, and that the girls crossed a major interstate during a storm (read: visibility ZERO)! Thanks, Jonny!

Chip said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
jonny, thanks for sending this story. This is more than a personal account, it is a good re-telling of the news story account provided by the link. I vote a double-DA on this one.

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